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Convenient Automatic Pet Feeders

Change the way you feed your pet with a PetPro automatic pet feeder. Not only does the automatic dog feeder allow flexibility for both you and your pet, it also improves your pets eating habits and overall health. How? By giving your pet the opportunity to eat smaller quantities more frequently.

With the automatic dog feeder or cat feeder, your pet knows the food is always available. Through behavior modification, the automatic feeder initiates a change in their eating habits to a healthier, more portion-controlled feeding. Better for them, more convenient for you.

What You Get with a PetPro Automatic Feeder

  • Automatic feeders come in 10 pound, 25 pound, and 50 pound.
  • They are Constructed of heavy duty 24-gauge galvanized steel.
  • The pet feeder’s superior lid design allows for easy food loading.
  • Strong magnets keep the doors shut – no wind, small critters getting to the food.
  • Drip edges on the front and rear prevent water from getting in and reduce food spoilage.
  • No sharp edges to injure your pets. All corners are radius and rolled.
  • This automatic feeder features a positive flow feed chute that prevents food from getting trapped inside. With other automatic dog and cat feeders in the marketplace you’ll find edges and creases where food can get trapped.
  • Key holes in the back of the automatic dog feeder allow it to be raised and secured to a wall or frame.

Why Choose the PetPro Automatic Dog Feeder?

The superior design of this automatic pet feeder comes from 30 years of experience manufacturing pet feeders.

All PetPro automatic feeders are manufactured and distributed by PetPro,
so you get the best quality automatic feeder at the lowest price.

PetPro is so confident you’ll be pleased with your purchase; we gladly offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Call or click today to get your pet started on a healthier way of life with a PetPro automatic pet feeder.

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